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Terms And Conditions

All Doved up reserve the right not to release Doves near electrical cables, indoors, in bad weather conditions such as, High winds, electrical storm poor visibility, or poor visability via trees, No later than 3pm during the winter months depending on distance and 7 .30pm latest during Spring and Summer months. All these conditions will be detrimental to the well-being of our birds.
Our doves are allowed to be in their cages or baskets for a maximum time of 20 mins at a time,  We plan to be at your ceremony/ Service approximately half-hour before you arrive to make sure everything is in place and set up when your ceremony is taking place 

We allow 40 mins after your scheduled time ceremony is over If you arrive late for your wedding more than 20 mins this might impact on another booking we have the right to leave at the time your booking should have ended with no refund. Please let us know if you plan to be traditionally late 
We will invite you to meet with us and our doves prior to your date, we will show you how to hold the doves and how they feel when they leave your hands, giving the best chance of getting a great photo on the day and of course the birds need to be comfortable in your hands.
If you choose to just release from a basket or cage(s)  will be offered to you from our varied selection.
Part of the service from us includes a verse or a poem which we write and personalize to you, we will read it before the release this tells your family and friends what the doves symbolize and what they mean to you.

For a Funeral, we will offer you a selection of poems to choose which you feel is more appropriate, or if preferred you can give us something you have chosen yourself for us to read or the reading can be done by you or a family member, it's your ceremony/service we are there to please you.  If you are releasing doves in remembrance of loved ones at a wedding please ensure you inform us of the names so we can incorporate these into the verse or poem. Likewise in the case of a funeral or memorial please inform us of a loved one's name.
We are fully insured and a copy of our insurance can be produced if requested. Our birds are fully vaccinated and registered with WHU. If on the day the weather is too bad we will let your funeral director know we will not be inattendence and any money you have paid will be refunded in full. 


Bad weather on your wedding Day 
In the case of cancellation  AND Bad weather on your BIG DAY
If the weather is too bad on your Wedding Day and we are booked for a wedding we will attend with the doves set up for display and photographs only ,we will refund you for any additional doves you have paid for ie memory doves, in the case of winter weddings december january and Febuary olnly you will be offered a discounted price on the understanding the doves possibly might not be able to be released however on the day if the weather is suitable doves will be released at no extra cost
Should you cancel at any time after 3 weeks the booking fee of (£50)  is NON-refundable.
If you have paid in full and you cancel 3 months before your date goodwill gesture of 30% excluding the booking fee,
A cancellation made within the 2 months of your date all money will be lost. unless we can refill your date with such short notice.

 Or on medical grounds with a letter of proof
This is devastating and nobody even thought of being in this situation, as stated above all booking fees are always non-refundable as this secures your date and covers my time for correspondence etc.  We do not charge a cancellation fee so we think this is fair for the client and ourselves.
We are happy to work with you to re-book another date, the booking fee will be carried over and the quote we give you will stand even if we put up our cost for our services.
For Brides who have no choice to cancel with churches and if venues cancel, again booking fees will stand, but if you have paid in full, we will carry over to a new date as we know venues offer this to every couple, we will not be able to offer a full refund should you choose to cancel all together. We will offer 50% of the remaining balance after the booking fee. This will only apply if canceled within the pandemic closures.
In the event of a funeral, should the weather be too bad we would inform the funeral directors that we would not be attending and refund you in full

All Doved Up Communication Preferences

Here at All Doved Up we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

Although we do not generally do so, we may on occasions contact you for marketing purposes which might include special offers for some of the services we provide or to gather feedback on the service we have provided for you in the past.

Due to new rules that come into effect on May 25th we need to get consent from you for the following. This is an opt-in NOT an opt-out option so if you do not respond to the form or do not give consent we will not contact you in the future unless required to for some unforeseen legal reasons.

One thing we will never do, is sharing your information with any third parties.

You can at anytime request a copy of the information we hold about you and also request that any information we hold is deleted from our records by writing to us at

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