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All Doved UpWhite Dove  Release For Funerals And Wedding Packages01633 678888   07756251074 

Beautiful Memorial White Dove Release South Wales

When someone we love has passed away, sometimes all we can do is buy flowers, light a candle, sometimes people release balloons (Which is not kind to the wildlife.) But releasing a white dove(s) is a spiritual way of saying we love you, we miss you, theres that moment when the doves are released that they look angelic, and serene, some people have said when they released their doves, they felt a little grief and saddness leave them. We are here to make you release special we are open to anything you wish to do.. It's your release!! Our job and main aim to to ensure you are happy .

Memorial Dove Packages


Single Dove Release


A single dove symbolises the release of a loved one's spirit.




Any further doves after this with be £20  each.


Prices fixed within 10 mile raduis of Newport, anywhere outside of this fuel cost will occure.



"Beautiful, moving and highly professional service are a few words I could use to describe the dove release for my memorial service. I can thoroughly recommend for any occasion. Gorgeous birds and lovely people. Thank you!"


- Kate Carney


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