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Why do families choose to release a White Dove(s) at a loved ones Funeral



The releasing of doves at a funeral or memorial is quickly becoming a popular way to add a SPECIAL touch to their service.


In addition to flowers, a White Dove Release is a SPECIAL and POIGNANT way to say the final GOODBYE.


The releasing of the dove(s) helps to begin the GRIEVING process and symbolizes LETTING GO.


The dove(s) will soar into the sky which is a beautiful thing to see, it will circle to find its bearings then start its journey HOME to their lofts where they are loved and cared for


White Dove Packages

These are just ideas you can of course release as many doves as you want and we will incorprate it in to the reading we write for you to personalise it for you prices for additional doves after the single dove are £20 each, our service includes a poem which we will read before the doves are released we will add a special bit after the poem making it personal to you and your loved ones, and we offer a Keep sake for a memory box up to 4 per booking you can purchace additional keepsakes at £2.50 each, large bookings we will give extra free.



1 Spirit Dove

A single white dove . As the White dove is released this symbolises the release of a loved one's spirit being carried home.  £95


2 Two Souls Re-Unite


If your loved one has already lost their partner -Soul mate, 2 doves can be released, the first dove symbolises your loved ones spirit being released and set free, and the second dove will symbolise their soulmate escourting their spirit home to rest Reunited 


You can release doves as a family sending your love beneathe the wings of the White Doves.


   A Funeral of a child under the age of 15 we will automaticly cut the cost by 10%of any package Guaranteed !!


All prices are fixed within the Newport area, and a 10 mile radius fuel costs might occure out side of this


If you choose to release by hand you will be offered a trial release before the day so you are comfortable holding the doves.


We will write a dove blessing for you or you can choose from a selection of poems or if there is something specific you wont we are happy to read it for you. We will be involved as little or as much as you want.


We have a great working relationship with funeral directors through out  South Wales.


If the weather is too bad and we are unable to release, we will refund you the money in full .


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