All Doved Up White Dove Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials
All Doved UpWhite Dove  Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials 

White Doves for a Weddings Re-Newal of vows, in South Wales

Releasing 2 Pure White Wedding doves on your wedding day is a true symbol of love, peace and prosperity, it symbolises your unionship as husband and wife, as you release the doves separately they come together and make their way home together as a pair. It is also said that if you see a white dove on your Wedding Day then a happy home is assured and good luck will come to those who have witnessed their release. We offer lots more packages and are always open to your sugestions and ideas. We can work with your Wedding planner and Photographer to make sure that your big day runs smoothly.


We promise to deliver a first class service for your wedding day. Whether you are looking to release A Single wedding dove by hand or from a basket  or a flock we can make it happen. We will provide beautifully handcrafted baskets and cages, which can be used a stunning centerpiece for your big day.





British weather is really unpredictable in the Winter months, so for the months of November December January and Febuary ONLY, All doved up offer special rates of Just £130 plus fuel expences and additional cost of extra doves if you choose this option.


The reason for this is because if the weather is too bad the doves will not be able to be released, so the offer is for us to attend with our doves a dove blessing will be read and photographs only. BUT if on your Special day the weather is suitable the dove release will go ahead at no extra cost. This offer applies to areas within 10 miles of Newport outside this radius fuel cost will apply.

Wedding Packages


1) The True Love Package ...How amazing would it be in your photographs to have two beautiful cages with Doves sitting inside.  All Doved Up has a variety of stands and cages to choose from to suit your taste, same price for all styles nothing hidden. The cages will be set up while your ceremony is taking place and will be in position when you and your guests come out.


The newlyweds will be offered 2 White Doves to release either from hand or a white heart-shaped basket, These are a symbol of your love and commitment to each other if you fancy holding them but are weary, you will be offered a practice release before your big day. They are very tame and have been handled since young, they do not bite. Monday-Thursday £160 and Friday -Sunday £190 Prices apply in a 15 Mile radius of Newport.. Outside of this a fuel cost might be applied.  



2) 2 Families become 1..After the newlyweds release their doves the parent(s) will release 2 further doves, Symbolising their love and support to both the bride and groom, Therefore promising to support and respect you as you start your lives together. £25 per extra dove after the true love package price 



3) If you have children and want to include them in this special moment they also can release a dove,  £25 per dove.



4) Memory White Doves. Sadly sometimes there is always that special person(s) who is not with us on that special day. why not release a dove(s) in their memory, or if there are a few members of your family you would like to make a part of your day they will be mentioned in your dove blessing as the memory doves are released, you can release as many doves as you fancy from large wicker baskets this is a spectacular moment to see them all fly off in unison with each other. This price is on top of the True love package, at just £25 per dove.


A wedding day dove blessing will be read out in keeping with the symbolic release of the doves at your wedding. There are many other options and ideas whether it's for a surprise or a wedding present, we can sort if for you. For more information contact us today. We will be involved as little or as much as you wish, it's about you and your family not us.


If the weather is too bad we will still attend set up inside and you will have photo opportunities. We will refund you for any additional doves you will have paid for. Plus £30 off your True love package 


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