All Doved Up White Dove Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials
All Doved UpWhite Dove  Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials 

Terms And Conditions


All Doved up reserve the right not to release Doves near electrical cables, indoors, in bad weather conditions such as, High winds, electrical storm poor visibility, No later than 2.45pm during the Winter months depending on distance and 7pm latest during Spring and Summer months  . All these conditions will be detrimental to the well being of our birds.


If the weather is too bad and we are booked for a wedding we will attend with the doves for display and photographs only at a charge of £120 plus fuel cost, any money you have paid  over this amount will be refunded to you. Should you cancel at any time the booking fee 0f(£50)  id NON refundable. Should you cancel after you have paid amount in full  a good will gesture of half the amount will be offered . If for unforeseen circumstances we would have to cancel then all money paid will be refunded in full.


Our doves are allowed to be in their cages or basket for a maximum time of 30 mins at a time,this includes welcome time and during the release itself,  We plan to be at you ceremony approximately half hour before you arrive to make sure everything is in place.


In the event of a funeral, should the weather be too bad we would inform the funeral directors that we would not be attending and a  refund of 85% be given, 15% will cover admin cost.


Please make us aware if you wish to handle the Doves and release from hand. A visit to us will be offered for you to handle the birds prior to your ceremony. If you choose to just release a basket or cage(s)  will be offered to you form our varied selection . Part of the service from us includes a poem or a verse to be read out, We will send you a few for you to choose from, or if preferred you can give us something you have chosen yourself for us to read or the reading can be done by you or a family member, its your ceremony we are there to please you.  If you are releasing doves in remembrance of loved ones at a wedding please ensure you inform us of the names so we can incorporate these in to the verse or poem. Likewise in the case of a funeral or memorial please inform us of loved ones name.


Our birds are all well looked after, and have had months of training, we can not guarantee that they will not need to use the loo, however this will be unlikely, we will show you how to handle the bird in such a way that if this should occur it will not affect your garments, but we cant stress enough this is highly unlikely.  We are fully insured and a copy of our insurance can be produced if requested. Our birds are fully vacinated


Our Guarantee


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