All Doved Up White Dove Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials
All Doved UpWhite Dove  Release For Weddings Funerals and Memorials 

White Dove Release South Wales for when you want to say something SPECIAL with a difference


We offer a range of cages and baskets for release and display, they will be beautifully dressed to fit in with you colour scheme.


We use pure white Rock Doves (as a Garden dove has no homing instinct and if released they would perish,) they have been handled since young, and have been given hours of flight training, people ask "do they really return home?"  I can answer you yes; they are usually home before us and sitting waiting to be fed. Our birds come home because its their home they are well cared for and loved  we treat them as you would any loved pet, as extended family any questions you have about our birds welfare please contact us, we call them our White Angels because when these beautiful birds spread their wings they look like angels its something special.


A dove release will mean something different to different people; they have lots of symbolic meanings, Love peace, freedom purity and new beginnings being just a few.


Please have a look at all our services hope you enjoy , if you are left with any questions please contact us, we are very friendly and will do our best to accommodate you in any way we can, we are here for you !!  We have a price promise to match any quote you have been given please give us the opportunity to provide you with a second quote, its all about keeping the customer happy, and Healthy competion gets you the best price possible.


Cheryl Marsh Specialist Areas


I've been Involved in Events management for 10 years party planner for 15years. I'd say Im a bit of a perfectionist, you can rest assured that I will oversee your Dove Release to the best of my ability,and I promise that your cages and baskets will be beautiful, I think I'm a friendly person, easy to get along with , I'm quite chatty.I am also a confident public speaker. I will liaise with you every step of the way, I will keep in close touch with other professionals involved with making sure your Ceremony will run as smoothly as possible. We will go above and beyond to ensure this happens, and your White Dove release will be something you and your family and friends will talk about for years to come.


Colin Marsh Bird Handler & Care Giver


I am a lorry driver by day, But I think I have found my calling in life with these Doves, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy them, I don’t find cleaning them a chore.

There is alot of work involved to maintain them and keeping them fit and healthy, but they are like children, you only get out what you put in.


They are fit healthy and very loving and appreciative of the care they receive, they fascinate me, To see them fly is mesmerising, I never tire of watching them. I sit for hours in ore of them ! My nick name "Mr. Doves says it all really..


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